Wednesday, October 24, 2012


OH gosh, I just haven't felt like posting. Apparently it's been over a week, and I've sort of lost track of time.
There's this election happening, see. I voted to approve Referendum 74, and I'm super anxious to find out if the rest of my state did the same. Most of my friends are completely indifferent, which drives me crazy. I have one friend who will vote against it simply because he's Christian. He doesn't go to church and he has never read the bible in its entirety, but that's his reasoning for denying people in Washington the right to marry. That's the explanation for his bigotry. It's mind-blowing.

Here's the Facebook speech I've been giving people who have that attitude:

If you're ambivalent or indifferent to whether Referendum 74 succeeds or fails, please vote to Approve. Our nation agreed a long time ago that "separate but equal" is an unacceptable solution. Churches will not be required to perform marriages they do not believe in or support, and the sanctity of existing heterosexual marriages will not be compromised. Love is love.

I need a drink.
photo via Dan Savage, from The Stranger's voting party last night


  1. Being from WV, which is probably the last place on Earth that will ever legalize gay marriage, I'm just jealous that this is even on your ballot! I love your Facebook speech!