Thursday, September 27, 2012

goldschlager wedding in montana

I've been flying way too much lately. But I shouldn't complain, because basically that means I've been having loads of fun and not wasting any time sleeping or anything. I ate a delicious breakfast at a fancy bakery in Montana and took a photo with a bear.
BFF and I found a stuffed honey badger. 
And this guy couldn't get enough of her dancing.
I wore a mustache necklace.
 I saw my college roommate looking like a Disney princess on her wedding day. 
The only way she could move was to do the robot. 
 They laughed through their vows.
 We sat at a table with all the bridesmaids' abandoned boyfriends and husbands.
 We chilled the wedding favors in our water glasses. If we're being honest,
we then proceeded to steal them from the other tables.
Luci's dad manages an office supply business, so they had tons of customized sticky notes and pens. Someone at our table inexplicably drew magical underpants. 
And then Luci's dad tried to sell BFF a chair.
 I learned that people love mustaches. Say what you will, they are never not fun.
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm about to go to sleep for the next 48 hours.
Oh wait! Coming up over the next ten days: a 5K, a Cougar game, two viking events, another 3.5 mile mud run and a gynechiatrist appointment, for good measure.


  1. Haha love the alcohol as a favor and even more I love that it became the adjective describing the event. I could see a summer full of "the rum wedding" and "that vodka beach day."
    Also, moustache necklace as built-in photo prop, for the win.

  2. Magical underpants and fake mustaches always make for a fun time! Sounds like a blast!