Tuesday, April 10, 2012

signs of spring

After hibernating all winter, we spent last weekend dressed as Vikings, hiding Easter eggs for ruthless children to find in the sunshine.

Beautiful flowers are blooming everywhere!

I've officially switched to iced coffee!

And yet --

The inside of my nose and outside of my eyeballs itch mercilessly. And both Crash and Eli are shedding like motherfuckers.

If I woke up tomorrow and April was over, I wouldn't mind.


  1. There are too many awesome things about that picture to comment about just one! Love it!

  2. Ughh I know how you feel. Yesterday I had the worst sinus/allergy/whatever headache and had to leave work because my head felt like it weighed 400 lbs. We haven't gotten rain in forever either, so hopefully some showers this week will help tame the allergens.

  3. my husband switched to iced coffee too. as a non-coffee drinker, this seems like the sign to look for amongst you caffeine lovers. it's more tell tale than geese flying back north for summer.