Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I've been horrible at posting lately. I guess I just don't want to - sometimes it feels like I have nothing to say, and sometimes it feels like I just have nothing I want to say to the internet.

I'm thinking I might party like it's 1994 and start keeping a paper journal again. There's something appealingly nostalgic about that, and I've found myself keeping ticket stubs and other flat-sort-of trinkets to paste into it.

So if you're reading this, you can still reach me on twitter. I'll still post on instagram. And you can still email me at Who knows, I may even post here again someday; I like to keep my options open.

But for now, this is it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


OH gosh, I just haven't felt like posting. Apparently it's been over a week, and I've sort of lost track of time.
There's this election happening, see. I voted to approve Referendum 74, and I'm super anxious to find out if the rest of my state did the same. Most of my friends are completely indifferent, which drives me crazy. I have one friend who will vote against it simply because he's Christian. He doesn't go to church and he has never read the bible in its entirety, but that's his reasoning for denying people in Washington the right to marry. That's the explanation for his bigotry. It's mind-blowing.

Here's the Facebook speech I've been giving people who have that attitude:

If you're ambivalent or indifferent to whether Referendum 74 succeeds or fails, please vote to Approve. Our nation agreed a long time ago that "separate but equal" is an unacceptable solution. Churches will not be required to perform marriages they do not believe in or support, and the sanctity of existing heterosexual marriages will not be compromised. Love is love.

I need a drink.
photo via Dan Savage, from The Stranger's voting party last night

Sunday, October 14, 2012


This is the year I discovered pinterest is a great place to get gift inspiration (has that always been what it's for? Suddenly it seems so practical!). I literally bought this for my sister-in-law because she pinned it in her "WANT" album:
And for my birthday, she got me this t-shirt from Etsy that I'd pinned on my "for me" board:
So yeah, if anyone wants to know what to get me for Christmas and has a few extra thousand dollars lying around, here's some suggestions from my pinterest boards:

Sunday, October 7, 2012

another muddy run

We did a military-inspired 5K mud run yesterday with a bunch of friends and our nephew, and I am pretty freaking sore today. There were way more obstacles than there were in the Warrior Dash, and most of them were really repetetive and required the assistance of the Marines they had standing by (it was pretty awesome). We went slowly, as a group, since BFF has a bum knee and shoulder and we didn't want her getting hurt.
My dad was one of the medics on duty, so he kept texting me throughout the morning to keep me updated on the various broken ankles and one compound fracture (they ended up getting rid of that particular obstacle by the time we got started). Overall, we had an awesome time. The weather couldn't have been nicer - despite the calendar saying October, it was sunny and 70 degrees. We crawled through trenches of mud thick as peanut butter, climbed ropes across ravines, hoisted ourselves up over brick walls and waded through a muddy lake. And then we laid down on bales of hay in the beer garden and napped.

Monday, October 1, 2012

savoring summer

I don't know where the phrase "indian summer" comes from, but apparently we're having one. Rain has been uncharacteristically missing for over a month, and I haven't put away my sandals quite yet.
Looking back, this has been an excellent summer. 
I can't believe I forgot to talk about Minus 5 when I recapped my birthday weekend in Vegas. We went into this sweet little ice bar in the Monte Carlo on my birthday - it costs like $37 to go in, but we got three drink coupons and use of a parka, boots and gloves! It was so much fun, everything is made out of ice and it's 14 degrees in there, so the bartender was all bundled up. We could see our breath and we drank out of ice glasses! Brian threw his against one of the ice walls just to watch it break; he's always wanted to do that. The bartender even gave me a free shot out of this ice sculpture.

I'm always making my parents proud! Lastly, I finished summer with another 5K with my sister-in-law. We've got a mud run coming up this next weekend, and from the looks of it, it's more obstacles than running. I'm equal parts nervous and stoked!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

goldschlager wedding in montana

I've been flying way too much lately. But I shouldn't complain, because basically that means I've been having loads of fun and not wasting any time sleeping or anything. I ate a delicious breakfast at a fancy bakery in Montana and took a photo with a bear.
BFF and I found a stuffed honey badger. 
And this guy couldn't get enough of her dancing.
I wore a mustache necklace.
 I saw my college roommate looking like a Disney princess on her wedding day. 
The only way she could move was to do the robot. 
 They laughed through their vows.
 We sat at a table with all the bridesmaids' abandoned boyfriends and husbands.
 We chilled the wedding favors in our water glasses. If we're being honest,
we then proceeded to steal them from the other tables.
Luci's dad manages an office supply business, so they had tons of customized sticky notes and pens. Someone at our table inexplicably drew magical underpants. 
And then Luci's dad tried to sell BFF a chair.
 I learned that people love mustaches. Say what you will, they are never not fun.
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm about to go to sleep for the next 48 hours.
Oh wait! Coming up over the next ten days: a 5K, a Cougar game, two viking events, another 3.5 mile mud run and a gynechiatrist appointment, for good measure.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

birthday like a boss

 So... I was in Vegas last weekend! Apparently being the sluttiest-dressed of all my ladies!
It has come to my attention that my friends are a really inappropriate and gropey bunch. At the Cougar game, the people behind us had to ask who was paired up with whom because whenever someone is sad, it's common practice for whoever's closest to goose their butt and lick their ear. (We're weird?)
The Cougs won the game by 8, but the spread was 8.5 and let me tell you - I have never seen so many disappointed winners in my life. The cab line from the stadium was crazy long, but BFF's boyfriend found a party bus driver who took pity on us because it was my birthday in an hour (well also, he took our money).
BFF packed a suitcase full of birthday supplies, and she and Adam decorated the room with streamers and confetti and balloons. She even got me a birthday hat and ribbon to wear, and a giant fake stogie to chew on all day. It was a hilariously random prop, but the more I drank the more I enjoyed having it. Go figure.
Bathroom mirror shot! I don't know why.
And then we went and saw Beatles LOVE again! I was so happy. Granted, my memory is hazy, but from what I've heard I was singing and dancing the entire time.
We always pick up a shot glass when we go on vacation, and most of our friends buy one for our collection when they go out. This weekend we ended up with 4 shot glasses to commemorate our trip. It was so much fun to be in Vegas for my birthday, to wear a crown and have people shout "Happy Birthday" to me everywhere I went. And if it wasn't that, it was cheers of "Go Cougs!" because apparently we all felt it was worthy of a trip to Vegas for an away football game. I have definitely become a person who enjoys my birthday - this was definitely the best one yet.